The best of Holland and Bulgaria


Holland has a big know how in the poultry - and feed business

Bulgaria is well known for agricultural production


Van Leeuwen is a family business active in the poultry and feed business in Holland

since 1933. In Holland Van Leeuwen had a modern feed mill with the latest technology.

1991;  Van Leeuwen built a new feed mill specialised for poultry feeds.

1993:  the first poultry feeds with expander technology in Europe



In 1998 van Leeuwen started Hipro Bulgaria and rebuilt the feed mill with

the expander line in Bulgaria. Hipro Bulgaria now runs a rearing- and laying farm

and produces feed and concentrates for other farms.


The HTST (High Temperature Short Time) expander technology


increases the nutritional values of the raw materials ( > 100 gr celsius)


guarantees safe feed; bacteries are killed


Digestion increases


Unique structure of the feed


Raw materials and end products are checked in the laboratory

100 %  tracability


Hipro offers complete layer feeds and proteine/fat concentrates for poultry farms

of perfect quality at competitive prices.


A standard recipe contains:


25 % Hipro concentrate, delivered in big bags or bulk

                local products:


55 % grain (Corn or wheat)


10 % soya





0,3 % monocalciumphosphate

% vary according phase feeding


9,7 % Calcium





A logical combination of  know how and the right raw materials for Greek poultry farms.

Decrease your costs with a quality product !