HIPRO BULGARIA OOD has its own feed mill. This factory fully complies with the European quality standards and the manufacturing processes are under complete computer control and automation, producing feeds for both our own needs and for external clients. The company has a laboratory for the raw materials and feeds’ control.

This way, HIPRO BULGARIA OOD achieves:

- Laboratory control of the used raw materials.
- Constant monitoring of the ready feeds’ quality.
- Maximum accuracy and traceability of the recipes.
- Produced feeds’ safety – destruction of all bacteria, molds and other harmful microorganisms by short-time heating to over 100º ะก.
- Unique structure of the produced feeds - in result of the partial opening of the cells and jellification of the starch while the feed passes through the expander, unique crispy structure is achieved that is known as “expandate”.
- The combination of pressure, temperature and high humidity during the feed’s production results in its better digestion and assimilation by the birds.

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