Bio manure

„HIPRO BULGARIA” OOD produces ecological organic dry bio manure – soil conditioner – made from chicken feces and called “HIPROFER”

„HIPROFER” is a soil conditioning product – odorless, resistant, containing no weed seeds, an amendment for the plant-growing that is guaranteed to be free of any pathogenic microorganisms (salmonella), antibiotics and chemotherapeutics.

„HIPROFER” is an organic fertilizer and the use of organic fertilizers means:

- protection and respect of the nature
- improvement of the soil structure
- dressing the soil with nutrients that are necessary for the plants
- healthful foods production
- restriction of the inappropriate use of chemical fertilizers
- reduction of the carbon dioxide discharged in the atmosphere.

The use of „HIPROFER” contributes to:

- increase the fertility by adding organic substances in the soil
- increase the soil aeration capacity as well as its ability to retain water
- increase the plants’ resistance, especially on nutrient poor soils.

„HIPROFER” is scattered on the soil surface as a layer of even thickness and is then earthed up /ploughed or tilled/. In pots, it is mixed with the bottom layer before the planting or is added later on the surface and then covered with soil again.

HIPRO BULGARIA OOD recommends to make soil analysis before introducing „HIPROFER” in the soil and to consult a specialist, if necessary.