About us

The best from the Netherlands and Bulgaria

The Netherlands has profound knowledge in the field of poultry farming and feed. 

Bulgaria is well-known for its agricultural production.


Van Leeuwen has been a family business in the field of poultry farming and feed in the Netherlands since 1933. In the Netherlands, Van Leeuwen owned a modern feed mill equipped with the latest technology. 


In 1991 Van Leeuwen built a new feed mill specialized in bird feed. 


In 1993 Van Leeuwen began to produce the first in Europe feeds by the technology of expanding, introducing the concept THE CLEAN FEED. 


In 1998 Van Leeuwen established ‘HIPRO BULGARIA’ and built in Bulgaria a feed plant with expanding line. 


‘HIPRO BULGARIA’ owns a pullets farm, and also produces feeds and concentrates for other farms. 


 ‘HIPRO BULGARIA’ offers: 

  • Different types of eggs for consumption
  • Pullets from an aviary and cage farming systems
  • Concentrates for feed for hens laying eggs 
  • Combined feed for pullets
  • Bio fertilizers