Production of bio fertilizers

‘HIPRO BULGARIA’ Ltd. produces eco-friendly organic dry bio fertilizer soil improver made of hen feces – ‘HIPROFER’. 

‘HIPROFER’ is a product – odourless, persistent, no-weed soil improver, plant breeder, absolutely free of pathogenic microorganisms (salmonella), antibiotics and chemotherapeutics.

Organic fertilizers 

‘HIPROFER’ is an organic fertilizer, as the use of organic fertilizers means: 

  • protection and respect for nature 
  • improving the soil structure 
  • enriching the soil with the nutrients necessary for the plants 
  • producing healthy foods 
  • limiting the inappropriate use of chemical fertilizers 
  • reducing carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere

The use of ‘HIPROFER’ contributes to: 

  • increasing fertility by adding organic substances to the soil
  • increasing the ability of the soil to ventilate, as well as the ability to retain water 
  • increasing plant resistance, especially to nutrient-poor soil

HIPROFER‘ is spread on the surface of the soil in a layer of the same thickness, then it is scraped (plowed or milled). In the pots, it is mixed with the bottom layer before planting or added to the surface and covered again with a finger. 

‘HIPRO BULGARIA‘ Ltdrecommends that a soil analysis should be performed prior to the input of HIPROFER into the soil and, if necessary, consult a specialist.